Michelle Owen

Michelle Owen


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • BS in Kinesiology


Michelle grew up playing softball and tennis, including in high school where she was introduced to weightlifting. She continued to workout with weights, but could never stick with it. She found it hard to make herself go to a gym; she was very shy and the gym was boring.

After a difficult year, she joined a commercial gym in 2012.  There, she met a trainer who was a CrossFit coach and programmed CrossFit-style workouts for me. The movements were different, challenging, and the workouts were fun. Her trainer left that gym a few months later and she followed her to a CrossFit affiliate where she continued personal training sessions.

She always looked forward to her training sessions and eventually signed up at that affiliate. A year later, she followed a friend to White Tail and joined in May of 2016. The programming and coaching was different from what she had previously experienced and she saw major improvements in her strength. Within a few months she decided she wanted to help others with their fitness goals and earned her L1 in September 2016.

Through CrossFit, she gained more self-esteem, better eating habits and overall health, and has met some incredible people. She’s grateful for the positive changes she’s experienced and is excited to be a part of that for others.

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