Drew Bradshaw

Drew Bradshaw


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Drew’s first exposure to CrossFit came while he was he was serving as a Command Fitness Leader in Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Seven, deployed to Bagram AFB in Afghanistan in 2008.  He saw many other Servicemen on the base doing these absolutely insane workouts and had to try it for himself. Drew saw one of his friends get forced out of the Navy due to sub-standard Body Mass Index (BMI) requirements and vowed not to lose any of the at-risk sailors in his detachment. He implemented a special program for the group which used many of the same movements and intensity that you would see in a CrossFit workout. Doing each workout himself before putting his charges through them is what got him hooked. All of his sailors passed their BMI that cycle. Every. Single. One.

Upon returning to civilian life, Drew took a “hiatus from exercise” and put on some weight.  He knew he needed a change and decided it was time to get back to work in 2013.  Meeting the other White Tail coaches and being pushed to new limits by them daily helped Drew drop 35 pounds and achieve a level of fitness that he had not even enjoyed while in the Navy.

Drew wanted to help others achieve their fitness and health goals and began studying coaching techniques under Damon and Amanda in May of 2015, and coached his first solo class a few months later.

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