Damon Johnson

Damon Johnson


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Rowing Instructor
  • CrossFit Strongman Trainer
  • USA Powerlifting Club Coach


“I was always the fat kid. I didn’t know much about exercise or healthy eating, except that I should probably do both. I would be pretty proud of myself when I would have leftovers from the large pizza I ordered.  I was a heavy smoker for about 10 years, and drank several sodas every day.  And by several, I mean at least 6, most days.  Usually 2 for breakfast.  I finally made myself quit smoking in November 2010, and after that, put on a LOT more weight.  I had high blood pressure (at 27!) as well as high liver triglycerides, I was heavier than I ever imagined I would be, and I couldn’t run on a treadmill for more than 4 minutes without feeling like my lungs were going to collapse and my calves/arches explode.   A friend suggested I try CrossFit, and I went to my first free workout in January 2011.  I’ve been hooked ever since!

I lost 10 lbs in my first month.  After 3 months of CrossFit workouts 3 times a week and a strictly paleo diet, I went back to the doctor.  EVERYTHING was in the healthy range (except my weight, but it was getting there!)

After two years of CrossFit, I decided I wanted to become a coach… I wanted to be able to help others the same way CrossFit helped me.  I became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in April 2013, and since then have spent countless hours coaching, giving private lessons, and learning everything I can about health and fitness.

Nothing is more fun or rewarding than helping someone realize their own fitness goals.  I wanted to start my own gym so that I can reach out and help as many people as I possibly can.  I personally know how hard it is to take that first step, so I want to provide a safe, comfortable, fun, supportive environment where everyone can feel welcome and motivated to make that change in their lives.”

The CrossFit community lost a great leader in December of 2021, but his spirit lives on through the White Tail community.

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